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Precise White Sterling Silver

Precise® White Silver

Sterling Silver made from our Precise White Silver alloy out performs traditional Sterling Silver in a variety of ways. The benefits of Precise White Silver spans across multiple manufacturing methods.

Precise White Silver is available in strip, wire, and a large assortment of findings.

Precise White Flat Stock
Precise White Silver Cast Grain
Precise White Silver Wire

Tarnish Resistance

The tarnish resistant new formula, found in Precise White Silver, is easier to investment cast compared to a traditional Sterling Silver formulation, producing a casting that is cleaner and easier to finish.

Ideal for stone set waxes with manufacturing – easier to work with.

Reduced Fire Scale

When using Precise White Silver there is a reduction in fire scale from casting, in addition there is a finer crystal structure compared to standard Sterling Silver formulations.

Rhodium Plate

With the tarnish resistant properties of Precise White Silver there is no need for Rhodium plate resulting in a more effecient manufacturing processes.

Color and Strength

Compared to traditional sterling silver formulations, Precise White Silver provides a whiter color.

The alloy is also stronger which allows castings to be made thinner and lighter.


Precise White Silver meets the international standards for Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium.

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We offer a wide variety of findings that are produced using Precise White Silver and maintain the same advantages of being:

  • Tarnish resistant
  • No rhodium plate needed
  • Stronger than findings using traditional silver formulations
  • Compliant with international standards for Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium.
Precise White Silver Findings

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