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Ballou-Dama | Chain Components

Our chain findings is a collection of today’s most popular style including brass lobster claws, spring rings,connectors and more. We also over 2 styles of chain tags that can be customized with your logo.

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Brass Lobster Claw with Fixed Ring

Ring ID:  .036″/.95mm

Size: 9.5mm x 6mm



Brass Lobster Claw with Fixed Ring

Ring ID:  .040″ (1.016mm)

Size: 12mm x 7.4mm


Brass Lobster Claw with Fixed Ring

Ring ID:  .053″/1.35mm

Size: 15mm x 8mm


Brass Lobster Claw with Fixed Ring

Ring ID:  .120″/3.05mm

Size: 18.5mm x 10.7mm


Brass Lobster Claw without Ring Lobster Claw

Size: 10 x 5.2mm


Brass Lobster Claw without Ring

Size: 11.7mm x 5.5mm


Brass Fold Over Clasp with Open Loop

Size: 11.78mm x 3.302mm


Brass Spring Ring

Open Ring

Size: 6mm

Lead Free: Y

Cord Ends


Brass End Cap

Height:  3.4mm

ID: 1.8mm

CE- 1215-BR

Brass End Cap

Height:  4.6mm

ID: 1.8mm


Brass End Cap – Stamped

Height:  2mm

ID: 1.3mm


Brass End Cap – Stamped

Height: 4.8mm

ID: 1.8mm



Brass Open Jump Ring -Rd

Size Open:  .025″ x .057″ (.635mm x 1.45mm)


Brass Snap-on Bail

Size: 6mm

Quantity: 20,000 pieces/bag


Brass Ribbed Snap-on Bail

Size: 7.5mm

Quantity: 20,000 pieces/bag

Chain Tags


Brass Chain Tag

Custom Logo Stamp: Y

Length: 10.08mm

ID Hole: 2.00mm


Brass Chain Tag

Length:  7mm 

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