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Bringing Metal Fabrication to the Industrial Market


W.R. Cobb Company is a leading manufacturer of precious metal products with a global footprint, and a logical development of manufacturing proficiency, that success has been applied to the industrial market segment.

We are proud of our ISO 9001:2015 Process and 14001:2015 Environmental Certification. Using these disciplines, W.R. Cobb Company produces quality products that meet all ASTM standards because customer specifications are our top priority.

Our metallurgical team is available for technical support, problem-solving, and developing innovative products, all the while offering prompt, meaningful responses with honest and practical solutions. A state-of-the-art tool room and fully equipped stamping department provide the capability to supply preforms, rings, and other added valued products to enhance our mill product offerings and continue to meet your needs.



Gold, Silver & Master
Alloy Shot

Fine Silver, Silver Alloy
& Braze Alloy Sheet

Gold Alloy Sheet,
Wire & Shot

Fine Silver, Silver Alloy
& Braze Alloy Wire

The diversity of our product offering includes:

Fine Silver, Silver Alloy Wire, and Rod

Wire Diameters .010 to .125 (0.254mm to 3.175mm)

Fine Silver and Silver Alloy Sheets

Sheet thickness from .004 to .070 (0.10mm to 1.78mm)

Silver Brazing Alloy Wire and Rod

Wire Diameters .010 to .125 (0.254mm to 3.175mm)

Silver Brazing Alloy Sheet

Sheet thickness from .004 to .070 (0.10mm to 1.78mm)

Gold Alloy Wire

Wire diameters from .010 to .125 (0.254mm to 3.175mm)

Gold Alloy Sheet

Sheet thickness from .004 to .070 (0.10mm to 1.78mm)

Gold and Silver Alloy Shot

Master Alloy and Bonding Alloy Shot

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