Who Are We?

Since 1877, W.R. Cobb Company has been serving a variety of precious metal industries while providing best-in-class customer service and quality products. Our in-depth expertise as a wholesale jewelry findings manufacturer has given us a strong foundation on which to support the needs of other industries that require precise metal fabrication in a variety of forms and metals. We provide you with a team of knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient customer service representatives who are available to assist all your needs. Our dedicated manufacturing staff produces products of the highest quality with an industry-leading on-time delivery schedule. It is through a combination of our experienced team that guides us to our continued growth.

1877 – 1920

The W.R. Cobb Company was established in the late 1870s when the Cobb brothers formed the W.R. Cobb Company. At this time, the W.R. Cobb Company manufactured Patented Hardened Pin Tongues, Jewelry Findings, and Jobbers’ Material for repairing Jewelry. The W.R. Cobb Company participated in the North, Central, and South American Exposition in 1885 at which they received a Diploma of Merit.


The Cobb brothers continued to operate the business for the next forty-five years. Ownership of the firm passed to E. E. Baker, F. W. Hall, and G.C. Wiltshire, who focused on the expansion of the product line through the acquisition of a jewelry supply company and integrating of precious metal manufacturing. The product offerings were proudly shown in what would become an ever-expanding catalog.

W.R. Cobb Legacy Catalog

1950 – 1960

Throughout the early 1950’s one of the most popular items in the W.R. Cobb Company product offering was a one-piece pinback, popular with badge manufacturers for its reduced assembly time, strength, and quality. In 1956 the remaining owner of the W.R. Cobb Company, E.E. Baker, sold the company to Carl W. Lichtenfels and Theodore H. Lichtenfels. Under the ownership of the Lichtenfels, the company continued its expansion with new jewelry findings product launches, which included Pearl Clasps, Ear Wires, and Cuff Links. In 1961 the company moved to a new manufacturing facility located in Cranston, Rhode Island, featuring the day’s most modern machinery and plant layout in the industry.

1970 – 1990

Throughout the next two decades, W.R. Cobb Company expanded its product lines and developed a robust customer-centric philosophy of service. The product line expansion included items such as ear clips, beads, and coin mountings.

In 1997, our Mill Division was launched to focus on producing products to support the jewelry and industrial markets.

1990 – 2000

The opening of the W.R. Cobb Company Mill Division in 1997 was the catalyst that provided us with the ability to develop new metals that would benefit the jewelry industry. The development of Precise® White Gold and Precise® Silver; these patented metals provide significant benefits to the jewelry industry.

2000 – 2010

During this time, W.R. Cobb acquired B.A. Ballou, which included the Dublin, Ireland facility. With the expansion of the divisions and an increase of market demand, W.R. Cobb Company soon found itself in need of a larger facility that aligned with the capacity demand and flexibility for future growth. The new Global Headquarters, established in East Providence, Rhode Island, is where it remains today.

2010 - Present

W.R. Cobb Company continues to expand with the acquisition of ABI Metals, providing our customers with a more expansive mill product offerings; also, the Cobb-Tet division in Thailand was formed to further our support of the global market. Dedicated to the continuous improvement process that reflects best practices, W.R. Cobb Company pursued and successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard certifications.